Legend Of Korra (Season 2) – Episode 3

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  • Josy


    • SomeDude36


  • SomeDude36

    Much better than Avatar- The Last Airbender

    • neontsunade

      blasphemy theres not enough beifong

    • Ganesh N


  • Jeffrey

    “It was suppose to inspire you!” -says to Tenzin


    I agree totaly

  • Anti-Hero

    i don’t get it, its the same fucking series but people still say its horrible i enjoy Legend of Korra to the max and its not only because of the fighting, sometimes we just need a twist from the original series and thats what Korra is, they’re basically just saying that not all the Avatars story lines are the same and we should not think its is the same, Korra isn’t Aang. Avatar the last air bender and Legend of Korra is equally good in their own way.
    but when it comes to the time period i admit it might have turned out better if it did not exist cars and planes all those industrial shit.

    • Brandon

      I agree with everything I just read

    • carlyn

      wow! swear much. my cousins wanted to watch this show but they couldn’t because of the repeated use of bad words!!!!

      • Anti-Hero

        how is it your problem if I’m swearing. That has nothing to do with you.

      • Christopher Suiters

        Wow if your cousins cant hear bad words… They must never be allowed out of the house. You sir are a retard. Welcome to the internet.

      • Babble On

        Soooo . . . you’ll let your cousins watch a show where people fight with each other but get offended when someone swears? Makes sense.

      • CantStandStupidity

        Fuck you and Fuck your cousins. Watch this on nick.com if it’s a big deal. Use your tiny little brain retard. As Chris said, welcome to the internet.

    • rj berger

      I think what makes it hard for people to grasp is the time difference. It’s a new avatar completely. I forget if they say exactly how long between now and the end of the last air bender, but if I had to guess, I’d say at least 70 years. It’s a long time technology-wise. Just to put that into perspective and make this more believable, we went from the invention of a flying machine to going into space within 50 years and put a person on the moon and back in a little over 60 years. As for the style, steampunk is very common for transitions for shows like this. Especially since it doesn’t get rid of a totally distant change from what used to be, but obviously pretty modern comparatively. It’s a pretty good transitional art style if you think about it.

  • zRazeh

    i couldn’t agree more. I dont feel as attached to the characters as i did with Avatar the last airbender

  • ★ ᴛ ø ᴋ ɪ

    lmao the only comments i see are people complaining about korra or the show

  • Balaclava96

    I couldn’t have put it better, especially the part about Zuko’s voice. That got me too nostalgic and brought back great memories. To their credit, this is a really great sequel but nothing can ever top the legend of aang

    • Nicklighning102

      they might make a special video with the old characters find Zuko’s mom after the Legend of Korra like they did make a comic book just right after Katara and Ang kiss

      • UserName

        Its a 3 part graphic novel called the search. It covers Zuko’s mom. Thats why they never went over it.

  • Azermage

    The Last Airbender was good but it’s definitely good to see some change in the setting, characters and plot. Although this series is (currently) lacking character development, we can start to see some character development in Korra. IMO it’s good to see someone really struggle to be the Avatar. I mean, Aang struggled in his own way but he didn’t have parents and authority figures such as Unalak affecting his choices. The fact that Korra is starting to make her own choices (like choosing to go with Unalak instead of her father) shows that she’s becoming more independent as the Avatar and maybe one day she’ll be as wise as Aang. Korra has a lot more pressure on her when performing her duties as Avatar. EVERYONE knows who she is. Whereas with Aang, everyone had given up on the Avatar returning so nobody expected him to help them.

    As for the changed culture- personally I LOVE some of the new changes to the culture. It’s interesting to see the Avatar have to adapt to the new surroundings (like not being able to tear up roads etc with Earthbending). And the 20th Century Manhattan mixed with Hong Kong creates a very unique environment with an unusual mix of cultures that seems to work well. I’m not sure about the Sato-mobile though.. The idea was fine but the way they made ‘Team Avatar’ patrol in their own ‘bat-mobile’ like vehicle was so cringey and cliche…

    TLA was good and so is TLOK. They both had their good points and their bad points.

    For those who complain about TLOK being too modern, just remember they had huge fuck off drills and ships and other ‘industrial shit’ back in TLA ;)

  • Animelover

    Then don’t watch it then if you hate it

  • Dejon

    me too

  • Sam

    To those who keep saying they miss Legend of Aang and all the characters, please grow up and stop living in the past! Everybody grows old and die. People need to understand that. We develop bonds with the characters from the first series but we can also grow and get attached with these new characters. I really miss Aang, Katara, Sokka & Toph but I also adore the characters in this show. This thread only shows some people can grow old but not grow up… it saddens me. This show is just as awesome as The Last Airbender.

    • Sara Fisher

      you sound like my sister.

  • Alenthas

    korra is such a bitch this seaon

  • Rössy Nöödle

    No he wasn’t , smart alec!!!

  • jay white

    LOL their laugh 6:32

  • Sara Fisher

    I miss them all.

  • Sara Fisher

    that’s right.

  • Sara Fisher

    both bumi’s have so much in common.

  • Sara Fisher

    hey what happened to that i’m gonna steal your face dude?

  • JRyman

    This season started with Korra being a major teenage-tantrum throwing bitch, really. Finally nice to see her cool her jets down by the third episode, even if it was at the end.

  • Sandra Valyria

    Seriouslly Korra had it easy.. if we compear her to aang.. she had her parents aang didnt.. he was raised by the monks she should be more respectful twords her Parents.. Plus she gets to visit them.. She had all the teachers Ready to train her.. yet she complains..

    • Exorcauslia

      That what I told people I don’t even watch this series.

    • rj berger

      How many times have you complained about school? Because that’s virtually the same thing when comparing kids in lesser developed countries.

      • Sandra Valyria

        youre right about that.. kids do complain..
        but did u see aang complaining.. he was excited to get fire water earth teachers.. and that was not my point about schools.. my point was everything was handed to her just like that.. and she was acting disrispectful.

        • joihn

          But Aang was raised by Airbender monks. He was raised his whole life to be grateful for everything, to not worry about material things. Contrast that with growing up in a more practically-minded society like the Water Tribe. Korra wasn’t taught since her birth to be grateful, she’s been ordered around, kept hidden, and told to follow the guidance of some secret society all her life. She’s got a lot more desire to be independent and make her own decisions than Aang, because Aang was raised to be non-material and at peace with himself

  • nighthawkxix

    everyone gets caught up on the originals so much and doesnt really give sequels a chance. i think this show is awesome. if you didnt compare so much youd enjoy the show alot more. i thought the ending of the first season was super badass and the twist of aman being a blood bender made it even better.

  • No1sy B0y

    Korra needs some serious wooping.

  • Angel Hernández

    Im probably going to receive a lot of hate but I like Korra more than Aang

  • Guzman_498

    “Oppa ate Momo!!!”

  • PeaceFalcon

    The story is progressing way to quickly. They aren’t taking the tine to develop the story or provide much character development. The relationship of the new Team Avatar is no where on the level as Aangs. Sokka, Momo, and Appa just don’t have worthy replacements.

    • john

      Well, considering that the second season was so suddenly demanded by Nick, it would make sense that the second season did not receive as much planning as the first season.

  • vivian

    yeah i really miss zuko. i agree this is pretty good but its no avatar the last airbender. i loved toff! and her daughter is a little bit like her but its just not the same.

  • lucy

    i totally agree!!

  • Pandah

    The voice actor of Korra’s mother sounds like the voice of Mai from The Last Airbender.

  • cloudiatong

    Korra’s mother’s voice is Mei’s voice from Avatar the Last Airbender (Zuko’s girlfriend).

  • khalil

    wait who has taken zokus place

  • Kay

    Korra is such a biotch.

  • rj berger

    That’s a bold statement, Cotton! That might be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard (exaggeration, but still pretty dumb). The only avatar you could make a comparison to is aang’s, who was raised an air bender among monks. And he was just the second latest installment of literally hundreds of previous avatars.

  • rj berger

    I can believe it to an extent. Think about the time period as well. Aang was the only air bender. And his son was the only one of the 3. So you’d think that naturally, they would bond more so than the other 2. And it wasn’t as if

  • Griwes

    Guys, shut up about A:tLA being so much better. Don’t like this show? Don’t watch it. Gosh. Stop disturbing people who actually enjoy both.

  • vinny

    ” wish they didn’t make this ” you didn’t have to watch it. If they didn’t make it you’d be begging for an Avatar squeal lol.

  • Nunya Bizness

    Ah, yes…. “I am a Great Spiritual Leader and if you don’t believe in worshiping as I do I will invade your country by force and KILL you”

  • Flametalon

    Zuko’s voice named after Iro. I cried. T~T

  • Avatar Fan Girl

    Kora is such a bitch, she things she all good and thinks she can handle everything by her self!!! so annoying! >.<

    • Avatar Fan Girl