The Familiar of Zero (Season 3) – Episode 8

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  • Sam Reese

    The queen, the half elf, and the maid, all sweet and charming in their own way, all with huge tits…and he’s sticking with the obnoxious, flat chested whiney voiced midget who regularly slurs at him while beating him senseless with a horse whip. Unbelievable.

    • Jeff The Killer

      Well, he’s been with her the longest, knows her better, and the only reason she’s obnoxious and beats him to death is because he’s too thick-skulled to realize she likes him, so if he KNEW she liked him, it’d work out and she wouldnt beat the shit outta him.

    • Viral

      Hey maybe she will be more like her nicer sister in the future so that’s probably what he’s thinking about.

    • Need4Anime

      Agreed she jumps to so many conclusions and has no respect of privacy

    • Wendy Marvell

      Agreed I hate her with a passion

    • somerandomguy

      seriously. I would have kicked her to the curb a long time ago. I’d been pulling for the maid the whole time because I don’t like the aristocrats that much and even the queen is shady at times. the half elf now….hrmmmm. anyways, bailed on the series and just now picking it back up because Louise pissed me off so much.

      • Swoopie

        The reason it was written this way….true harem king. Think about the times Lousie bailed on his ass, and the only thing he can do is go to the other girls in his circle. That’s why Lousie is the focal point here, but not always the top choice.

  • Wendy Marvell

    I hate how in harmen genera the main character always pucks the worst girl out of them all. He could pick literally anyone.

    • Jeff The Killer

      Well, the worst girl IS anyone, correct?

      • Wendy Marvell

        I guess

    • Benjamin Scholten

      I actually really like Louise I would even want to date someone like that XD

      • Wendy Marvell

        … I’m done

        • somerandomguy

          now I want him to get a GF like Louise so he can understand just how frustrating and tiring it is.

  • James Hamlin

    so at the end of the episode we finally see louise do one thing that is not rediculas i so want louise to die but if she keeps cahnging her personality then i think she might be a decent person in 20 years at the rate she is going.
    so far i have hated louise so much i want her to die so bad when he lost his familar status i thought he might do the right thing and marry the maid as she is perfect for him

  • TNT

    *cough cough bullshit cough cough*

  • Leonelus

    1 day she will get super sayan ofr being that angry XD

  • Chris Robet

    So Colbert-Sensei magically comes back from being dead builds a huge badass zeplin thing and gets a hot girl to start off his own harem. TEACH ME YOUR WAYS SENSEI!!!!

    • somerandomguy

      as much as I like the dude, still thinking it’s way too convenient he’s around and should have been kept dead

      • Chris Robet

        I do somewhat agree. I get the feeling the mangaka when writing this got stuck at some point and just said f*** it let’s bring colbert back.

  • somerandomguy

    that was one hell of a useless episode. girls chasing Saito to mind rape his memories then repeating things we already know about Tabitha

  • Swoopie

    So Gallia was the one behind all the mess of Albion war crisis and such.


    l know she isint that good on it but you should belive she is what he realy need

  • Supah Speedz (オタク皇帝)

    Queen FTW

  • Hideki

    I like it when the ending song ends and The person in the bunny mask takes the mask off. :-)