The Familiar of Zero (Season 3) – Episode 6

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  • TNT

    What the fucking shit of a hellish ending

  • somerandomguy

    is it just me or are they making him more and more perverted as the seasons pass? he wasn’t this bad when it started.

    • Raining Mammoths aka Rainoth

      It’s writers being without any ideas. With loyal viewers, you can present hentai wrapped in magic and everyone would still like it.

      • somerandomguy

        reminds me of To Love-Ru. started off with a semblance of a story and some mild ecchi and then just about went fully blown hentai towards the end.

        • Raining Mammoths aka Rainoth

          Heads up, 4th season coming in summer xD

          Personally, my standards have dropped so much over 6 years that I no longer mind what shit I’m watching as long as it’s in cotton-candy drawing style and has any kind of fantasy element in it. At least mostly.

          Well, that’s pretty much the future of every show. Scrubs like me who enjoy boobs will watch the show either way, that’s why all the show needs is a successful first season. After that you can put it anything you like and the fanbase will still watch it, or at least the majority.

          • somerandomguy

            I don’t mind a bit of fan service as long as it isn’t too over the top. need a little bit of story to push it along instead of doing it just for the sake of doing it. I’d like to say I have selective tastes but I’ve watched so much anime over the past 20 years that I pretty much watch anything as long as I haven’t seen it before.

            Haven’t made it through To Love-Ru Motto because there wasn’t enough story content to keep me going. I also bailed on this show a few times for the same reasons. currently stalled out somewhere in season 4 cuz Im frustrated with the lack of character development.

          • Raining Mammoths aka Rainoth

            As a person who’s seen both multiple times, I can only wish that you can keep up with the frustration because in both anime the situation is going downhill x)

  • Swoopie

    Love is in the air.

  • Supah Speedz (オタク皇帝)

    Ovbious Harem

  • Hideki

    ANOTHER love potion gone wrong!